From creating our own brands to improving yours we are excellent

Our production is done with our carefully selected partners, and own factory in Denmark and Poland. The factories are at a high technological level and fully automated, so that we can compete on both quality and prices. We believe in NOA Brands because we are competitive and have a high Nordic standard.


It has always been a fact that if you wanted something cleaned proberly, Knofedt (elbow grease) was needed. Now available on the bottle, cloth and a whole new auto series for cars. "It's no secret that if something needs to be properly cleaned you should use elbow grease" says Anders the founder of Knofedt. "Actually, we thought of giving Knofedt the payoff "Knofedt - because it is not necessary" But instead we say "Dansk – Effektivt – Svanemærket".

You can find Knofedt in most major Danish supermarkets.


SMURT was launched in 2016 with one mission: to create the best products for your bike. Designed without compromise for the most discerning frame or components - that's why we promise you a new bike - everyday.

SMURT is a sub brand of the danish cleaning company, Knofedt - which is the first cleaning in Denmark with a story on their mind. Knofedt's products started with four products in one series. This range has now grown to all sorts of cleaning accessories, from the best cloth's and sponges to your ordinary cleaning products. 


Regnbad designed, developed and produced in Denmark, all raw materials are gently composed of natural and organic ingredients. There are taken maximum account of you and your family's skin/hair, from the delicate child to the adults - a family series for everyone in the household.

The product is free from parabens, silicones, colourants and endocrine disrupters.